June 18, 2024

The sun never sets on the poker world and even with the passing of days and with technology coming in to make casino experience more fun, the poker players are still enjoying the game. Whether it is playing DominoQQ or Texas Hold’em Poker, the games are forever drawing players in hordes.

The classic old world poker:

When the wave of technology swept over across the casino world, many had claimed that would drive the nail through the poker and jackpot slot world. Those who felt that the video game slots and the jackpot arcade games were really cool and gave plenty of payouts were not going to go back to the traditional roulette table ever.

Even today, the poker world or the casino world remains divided and this is not just in one country of Indonesia alone. It is a common feature that people can witness across the European countries, and the American countries. The players who are masters of the games and can win rows of Bingo easily on live games are not willing to take risk to enter the technological world of online poker.


Online poker and how it scores today:

One of the top features of online poker today is the fact that it allows the players to place bets lower than in traditional live games. People can play for lower bets of 2x or 2.5x. This is impossible in case of live poker. Similarly, the live poker will hardly come across bad bets. But in online poker, this is a trend that is very common.

A big difference between online and live poker games is the fact that the live games are directly with people in the classic old way. It will have people doing 60 hands or more every hour. So the modern day online poker player would lose patience with this kind of pace. The online poker games are ideal for the modern day jetsetting folks and they hardly have the patience that used to be the primary trait of old timers.

Further, the online poker allows a player to function across multi-hands across different tables online. This just means more hands across many tables and hence more chances.

Calling in live games can be very demanding and very difficult in the face of so many experienced hands on the table sitting next to the players. But in case of online poker, the player is relaxed and he can hardly see anyone to get nervous about.

While this is a boon of not being able to see others, it is also a problem for many live players used to enjoy the profiling of other players. They could perceive the emotions running in the other players’ minds while playing. But now thanks to the online games, doing this profiling is not going to be possible too.

With so many reasons galore, the casino operators have therefore come up with live casino tables to co-exist with the arcades to draw all types of players to the game.

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