May 18, 2024
Esports Trends

The increased fanbase of eSports across the globe shows how the technology is evolving, and people are enjoying this online betting sport.

The eSports market has seen a drastic change in the past few years, with advanced technologies like Machine Learning and AI used for initiating betting. Most reputable casinos provide eSports betting opportunities for mobile and laptop devices. This betting has become a source of entertainment for the players.

The industry will make around 1.6 billion by the year 2024. Moreover, it’s a significant source of revenue for online casinos too. So, you can play online sports betting Malaysia 2021 at any of the reputed online casinos. These casinos also provide VIP programs, promotions, and daily or weekly tournaments too.

Let us now see what all trends the sports betting enthusiasts can expect.

Mobile eSports

The Asian and Brazilian market has seen the influx of mobile eSports for many years. eSports is the fastest growing gaming field, so using mobiles will make sports betting and gameplay more fun and entertaining for the players. Even the players can play the tournaments too and win from the huge prize pool. The Asian fans are more tilted towards this game.

League Games Will Return

Instead of International competitions, we will be watching the return of regional matches and league games. The sports ecosystem will change drastically that has been focused on international competitions. The viewers who are more into regional club matches or league-based games may turntables for the investors in the coming months.

VR or Virtual Reality

VR is going to become the central point of eSports. It will not only make the games creative but more users will get attracted to it. You can earn a better gaming experience through leveraging technology into eSports. VR has made it easier to experience things physically that can help attract more players to experience the ultimate. The introduction of advanced technology will help change the way people look at eSports for playing or even for betting purposes.

Introduction Of Diversification

The eSports industry needs to seek diversification to attract a large number of audiences. They have to switch from the conventional sports model towards lifestyle brands and modern content. It will help the eSports industry to attract more revenue and will offer more flexibility. The conventional form of sports will be overlooked in the coming years, and players will love more creativity in the eSports sector.

Use Of Data Analytics

The use of AI and Machine Learning is already on the hype in the eSports sector, but the use of Data Analytics will help make the players and developers abreast of the gaming patterns. It will assist in providing the current insight into the gaming experience that will enhance the viewership. The sports bettor and gaming professionals will also get the best gaming experience as they will be abreast of the gaming patterns.


eSports Industry is going to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. Moreover, the lifestyle content will attract many gaming enthusiasts towards the reputed online casinos. With most fans and players attracting to eSports, the casinos must take these trends under consideration.

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