June 18, 2024
Bitcoin Dice

If you are trying out your luck in the world of Bitcoin gambling, then you have across Bitcoin Dice. It’s among the most popular games on this side of the gaming scene. However, you need to know that it’s not your typical game of dice where your probability of winning is a factor of luck and gravity. Also, you have more the six digits to choose from. You need to predict whether or not the number you select will be higher or lower than a chosen digit. While it all sounds hard on paper, this is among the finest games.

Some of the reasons why you should try your hand in the game in the game include:Bitcoin Dice

It’s designed to let you win

Wondering how that could be possible? Well, Bitcoin Dice features a low house edge that stands at 1 percent, and there are high bitcoin betting limits. The game also features fast rolls meaning thy you can bet as many times as possible, every second.

You can trust the system

This is not something you hear every day when it comes to online gambling, right? Well, whether you are learning the ropes or you’ve become a master of Bitcoin Dice, you can trust and rely on the system thanks to something called provably fair. What this means is that you could prove mathematically (statistically the likelihood of a resultant roll) that you the site you are playing at did not, in any way, alter the results of the game to make you lose all your games.

Secure Space

Thanks to the setup of systems like two-factor authentication, withdrawal confirmation via email, IP whitelisting, and SSL encryption, your personal identification details on the site remain safe as do all the transactions under your name. You also have access to the Trezor cold wallet storage which enhances accountability and security of data.

But, that is not all, being set up on a blockchain system, every player’s identity is anonymous, and the risk of your personal information getting compromised is very low unless someone hacks into your system or they get the password from you.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Using the tip feature, you get to send other users any of the supported cryptocurrencies on the site. Some of these currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, OmiseGO, Betting Bankroll Token, Golem, Tron, EOX, Populous, Status Network, and Power Ledger, among others.

Fast deposits and instant withdrawals

After you confirm your transactions on the blockchain, your deposits get credited instantly. Withdrawals and deposits attract little or no fees and so, you don’t have to lose it all to high transaction charges.


Thanks to the systems around Bitcoin gambling, you do not have to be present to play Bitcoin Dice. This is made possible by the auto-betting feature allowing you to play using leading strategies like Martingale.

It is interactive

As long as you set shop in one of the elite bitcoin gambling sites, you can chat with other players. You can learn more about the game, and you also share about winning strategies.

No legal issues

Bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency you know of do not abide by the traditional laws applied to fiat currency. This means that you can play Bitcoin Dice from any part of the world without having to worry about ensuing legal issues or the high exchange rates.

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