June 18, 2024
online slots

Check out the most played slots in joker 388. See what the contemporary player’s most favorite slot machines are.

No matter which online casino you enter today, we give you a 100% guarantee that you will find at least 100 different slot games there. Let’s make a quick test to prove you that.

Open joker 388 – a great and profitable gambling house with an amazing live casino section and of course, a whole bunch of the most popular slots these days. If you go to the category with slots, we promise you to discover thousands of different games, including with progressive jackpots.

What we are trying to tell is that nowadays it’s quite easy for any online casino to satisfy the different customer tastes and preferences. But among this big wilderness of slots, it’s stupid to think that there are no favorites among them.

Of course, there are a couple of online slots that through the years have strengthened their positions as the top preferred, played and popular ones. Let’s check them out right away:

  1. Bruce Lee: Fire of the Dragon. During the last couple of years the gambling houses have discovered that there’s almost no slot addicted player who hasn’t played at least ten times the game. Indeed, we are not talking about once or twice, we are talking about a minimum experience of 10 times at Bruce Lee: Fire of the Dragon. All of these mean that the slot is totally addicted.
  2. Monopoly: Money in Hand. Whether because people know the original Monopoly game for a whole lifetime or because monopoly is a synonymous to richness and money, the punters nowadays are kind of obsessed by the game. It’s a wonderful thing to engage yourself when wanting to kill so time, as well as a great opportunity to double your cash for a day.
  3. Deal or No Deal. We cannot disagree that this is the most popular video slot machine. The 5-reel favorite among players from all over the world exists in almost any casino. It’s super simple to be understood and the web is full of tested and efficient strategies to apply with an ease and finish the day with some extra cash in your account balance.
  4. Jumanji. Among all the movie slot machines we meet every day in the internet, this one takes the win for one certain reason. It’s not just a standard movie slot machine. It also includes numerous elements from the classical adventure slots. Plus – it has plenty of in-house bonuses almost any player takes during the day.
  5. Book of Ra. The Egypt-styled slot machine is like a standard for the gambling houses nowadays. You will find it in any of the leading online casinos, as well as in the newly established gambling companies such as joker 388. It’s hard to talk about this super famous game, because there’s nothing new to tell about it. We all know how to play it and how many great bonuses it hides for all of you.

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