June 18, 2024

Do you know what makes winners different from losers? Did you ever give a thought to that one particular thing that makes winning easy for some and not so easy for others? Let me tell you that winning is all about confidence. A successful business magnate, a victorious sports person, a famous celebrity – one thing they all have in them is Confidence, oodles of it.

Without confidence, no one can achieve success in any sport, business, cinema or even politics. Online poker is a no less than a sport. How do you gain confidence in an online sport? You gain confidence by having an edge over your opponents’ strength. Get to know your rivals’ betting strategies and his tendencies. Having beforehand information on such things will raise your confidence level and will make the sport profitable for you.

A few days back, my friend was playing Dewapoker. He is a great fan of online poker and recently registered himself on DanaQQ, one of the best online game card sites in Asia. Over a cup of hot coffee, he mentioned that once in a while, he feels like some of his opponents at the table knew the strength of his hands. Now, is that true? Yes, definitely. Sometimes, if you bet your strong hands, you would notice that others fold to you. And at times, you are forced to fold.

Software Aids:

The above-mentioned situations arise when your rivals use the help of software to profile you. If you are not doing the same thing, you will be at the receiving end. There are various useful online poker aids and one of the most powerful ones is the head up displays or simply HUDs. HUDs work by creating transparent overlays over the online tables where you are seated with other players.

There a 2 types of HUDs. One uses a local database installed on your computer and the second is on a remote application, which uses a universal database. A local HUD collects all the hands that you play with and stores them in a local database. Whenever you are playing online poker, this piece of information is accessed and displayed over the table. This knowledge about the type of opponents you are facing works to your advantage.

So the next time when you want to indulge in Dewapoker, remember to use HUDs. You will have an initial idea if your opponent is a fish or shark.


Another tool that has changed the online poker game is poker-edge. This tool collects millions of online poker hands constantly through a range of networked computers. It is connected to numerous online rooms to record the hand histories. Irrespective of the poker room or the stakes at which you are playing, poker-edge has your rivals’ data fed into it. You just need to launch the tool and you will get to know the playing style of your opponents.

Both the HUDs and poker-edge give you an insight about your fellow players’ betting style. You can choose any one of them to increase your winning chances and become a professional Dewapoker player.

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