May 18, 2024
Casino Secrets

Casino sites hold secrets that they don’t want the typical customer to have access to.  There are a few things that they let slip and now  we all know.

People love playing online casino games for the fun but mostly for the idea of winning real money.  They get caught up over the idea of possibly bringing in the ever elusive jackpot.  The online casino site is aware of this and they do their best to play on that when enticing players to come to their sites to play.

There is a lot of fierce competition between the various online casino site communities as well as the baccarat site communities because there are so many available.  Each one does its very best to make themselves appear to be the one with the highest payout and the best promotions and bonuses so that the customers cling to their site in hopes of getting what they offer.

What is it that the sites are not telling you that prevents you from actually winning that big chunk of cash?  They have their secrets and go much deeper in their layers than what they appear online.


It’s not as if the online casino site or baccarat site don’t want their players to win.  They really do because this gives them testimonials to use in their advertisements and marketing ploys.  They just don’t want it to happen five thousand times a day.  So, what are some of their secrets.

– Odds.  Not all of the games on the online sites are going to have the same odds.  They each vary in terms of how much advantage the house has over the game, some odds are fixed and some allow the house to be reduced down to a minimum.  It’s important to check the information on the game before playing to see what the odds are and if you have a chance against the house.

– Lower house edge.  The online casino site would prefer that players not play these games because, of course, the player has the advantage.  Some of the games that offer this perk are blackjack or there is craps and there is video poker.  Slots is simply a game of chance.   

– Jackpot counters.  These are on the online casino site and baccarat site to let you know how many people have hit the big one.  This is in hopes that players will want to play even more in order to try to get that progressive jackpot. 

– Quit while ahead.  No one on the online casino site or the baccarat site wants you to stop playing when you have won big.  They want you to think you can win even bigger and keep on until you actually lose it all.  Thing you need to do if you hit a decent jackpot is walk away.

– Useful.  Some of these sites will offer ‘useful’ tools that are supposed to benefit the player, e.g. the roulette scoreboard that shows the numbers that may be ready to hit.  The fact is the software being used doesn’t have memory to know what numbers hit and those numbers could hit six hundred times in a row or never hit.  If they offer tools that are meant to help the player be mindful.

– Bonuses.  These sites do not want customers who are exclusively after bonuses and deposit based on the best bonus that they can possibly find.  The reason is the expected value for these bonuses gives the player an advantage that the house doesn’t want them to have.

Everybody who goes into the casino site or the baccarat site is there to have a good time.  It’s all in fun with no harmful intentions meant. You just need to be mindful that these are games and you are playing against a computer that may want you to lose.

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