September 22, 2023
Land-Based Casinos in Singapore

Casinos in Singapore welcome foreign nations with proper identification, offering plenty of gaming options

Foreigners visiting Singapore are allowed to legally bet in casinos without having to pay entry fees. They enjoy a large selection of games, whether playing for the fun of it or gambling to make money. Read on to find out who qualifies as а foreigner and what non-nationals have access to during their stay in Singapore.

Who Qualifies as а Foreigner?

All persons who are not permanent residents or citizens of Singapore and are at least 21 years of age qualify as non-resident. They are not required to purchase entry passes to play ($150 a day). Players must bring their foreign passport if they have a work pass without a photo.

What Is Considered Proper Identification?

Non-residents are asked to present a foreign passport together with their student pass, long-term visit pass, or short-term visit pass. Another option is to bring notification of cancellation of visit or student pass and embarkation form by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. Accepted forms of identification also include immigration (exemption) order stamp and notification letter permitting the same person to stay and work in Singapore until a work pass has been issued. Finally, proper identification also includes a special pass by the ICA or Ministry of Manpower, long-term pass, and dependent’s pass.

Permanent residents and citizens are also allowed to play for a fee provided that they present proper identification. This can be a passport, re-entry permit, Police National Service ID card, or Civil Defense Force National Service ID card. Other acceptable forms of identification are Singapore Armed Forces ID card, driving license, and national registration identification card.

All persons are required to provide proper identification in order to determine their payment status, identity, and age.

What Games to Play

Casinos in Singapore offer a huge selection of games for foreigners to try. While some games may not be available such as data sgp, you will find all the classics that you can play in other countries. Whether blackjack, roulette, or slots is what you like, land-based casinos offer tons of games to try. The big resort-based operators also feature different variations of all-time favorites such as Baccarat, including 6 Star No Commission, Sands Elements No Commission, and Fabulous 4. Poker variations that you can try include Texas Hold’em Bonus Progressive, Three Card Poker, and Singapore Stud Poker. Tournaments are often held for players to join and win attractive prizes. In addition, casinos organize various promotions and events that are reserved for members only. Food is also served inside the premises, including favorites such as wok-fried beef tenderloin, hot-plate chicken, and stir-fried asparagus. Visitors can choose between fine dining and casual establishments and self-service cafeteria-type restaurants that offer savory meals at affordable prices so that customers can have a quick meal and keep playing.

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