September 22, 2023

Toto has become one of the top forms of gambling in Singapore. With great payoffs, many players consider it well worth the wager.

Toto was established in 1968 and became a well known form of legalized lottery in Singapore. By 2015 it became the second most popular variety of gambling. Toto can be purchased at any of the Singapore Pools outlet stores across the area. Each Monday and Thursday the live drawing is done to determine the winner.

The Toto Site – How It Works

There are numbers from 1 to 49 and the player chooses at least 6 numbers within that range. When the winning numbers are drawn, there are 6 plus 1 additional number. The player qualifies for a cash prize if three or more of the numbers that are drawn match with three or more of the numbers on their ticket. If more numbers are matches, the amount of money won increases as well.

There is a max of 6 numbers that are allowed to match. In such an instance with all 6 numbers matching, a jackpot is won.

How to Pick Numbers on toto site

When it comes to betting there are a few different variations.

1.Quick Pick: With this option, 6 numbers are randomly selected by the computer.

2.Ordinary Bet: The players chooses their own 6 numbers.

3.System 7 to System 12: In this variation, a player selects anywhere from 7 to 12 numbers.

4.System Roll: The players chooses a total of 5 numbers. The sixth number is guaranteed to be a winning number.

The various bets range in cost as follows:

Ordinary: $1

System 7: $7

System 8: $28

System 9: $84

System 10: $210

System 11: $462

System 12: $924

System Roll: $44

Toto is considered to offer a gamble that is more than fair. A fair gamble is one that has a zero expected payoff. To put this into perspective, when you place a gamble that has a 50% chance of winning $1and a 50% chance of losing $1 then that results in an expected payoff of zero. If a person takes part in a high number of fair gambles then in the grand scheme of things they would not make anything. However, if a person takes part in many better than fair gambles, then they would certainly make money in the long run.

So, we have determined that Toto gambling can be a better than fair gamble for players. In the long run, it is certainly a winning bet. Although the payoffs can be considered rare, they are also considered to be large and worth it.

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