June 18, 2024
Gambling Australia

Have you ever wondered why Australians gamble so much? Click here to find out why gambling is Australia’s favorite pasttime.

Why is it that Australians love gambling so much? If you pay attention, you will notice that there are casinos stationed all over the country. Are Australians addicted to gambling or is it a cultural tradition that has been cherished over the years? Or is Australia simply a rebellious country full of reprobates? Or could the explanation be as simple as the marketing strategies that are being used by casino Australia?

Forget Vegas – Come to Australia

When most people think of gambling, the first place that comes to mind is Las Vegas. However, if you don’t live in Australia, you will have no idea how popular it is. It seems that Australians have a deep love for casinos, and according to reports, it is a $4 billion dollar per year industry. The most famous casinos in Australia are the Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast and the Crown Casino in Melbourne. Both of which attract an estimated 11 million visitors each year which exceeds the number of visitors at the Sydney Opera House! As well as casinos, Australians also have a love for the lottery, racing and sports betting, spending almost $5 billion per year combined. So, what is the reason behind the Australian love for gambling?

Gambling History

From the early colonial days, gambling has been an important part of Australian culture. So basically, they can blame it on the Brits, because this love for gambling appears to date back to the early eighteenth century when the British colonized the country. The Australian culture has always been one where the concept of risk and reward has been very attractive to the Australian people. The good news is that Australians don’t appear to take themselves too seriously when it comes to gambling, they see it as another harmless form of entertainment.


Casinos are extremely wealthy organizations, they have the money to market their business aggressively. Since gambling has always been a part of the collective subconscious of the Australian people, advertising simply reinforces what has always been a part of their psyche. Anytime there is a big event, you will see casinos marketed, you basically can’t escape from it.

Wrap Up

From my research, it appears that gambling is an innocent well-loved pass time for the Australians. Some people might get addicted to it, but the numbers are nowhere near as high as countries such as the United Kingdom and America, so Ozzy’s you can keep gambling, you are not hurting anyone!

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